• Product Name:para-fluoro Methylaminorex
  • Molecular Formula:C10H11FN2O
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:194.2

Product Details;

CasNo: 1364933-64-1

Molecular Formula: C10H11FN2O

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What is the para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex ?

para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex was fully characterized in a sample obtained from an anonymous Polish consumer. The compound was named as 4′F-4-MAR (or pF-4-methylaminorex), following a similar nomenclature to that used for other aminorex derivatives.

Synonyms: 5-(4-Fluorophenyl)-4-methyl-4,5-dihydro-1,3-oxazol-2-amine, p-Fluoro-4-methylaminorex,2-Oxazolamine, 5-(4-fluorophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-4-methyl-, 5-(4-Fluorophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-4-methyl-2-oxazolamine

What is the CAS number for para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex ?

The CAS number of para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex is 1364933-64-1.

More information of para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex 1364933-64-1 are:

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Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


What is para-fluoro-4-methylaminorex (1364933-64-1) used for?

4'-Fluoro-4-methylaminorex (4-FPO) is a recreational designer drug from the substituted aminorex family, with stimulant effects. 4-Fluoro-4-methylaminorex acts as a stimulant by increasing the release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine. 4′F-4-MAR has been characterized by high resolution mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance in a sample obtained from an anonymous consumer.


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