Our mission statement - "Hanjiang: Let technology create a healthy nature"

Hanjiang is an innovative company with a global vision. Our success in technology is about helping to improve people's lives. At the same time, our innovations lay the foundation for sustainable and profitable business activity and are key to maintaining or achieving leadership in all of our markets.

Our products are helping to address some of today's toughest challenges, including global population growth, aging societies and the need to use natural resources efficiently - and where possible, sustainably.


We improve people's quality of life by preventing, mitigating or curing disease.


We are helping to provide sufficient quantities of high-quality food additives, feed, renewable plant-based raw materials and healthy agrichemicals.


Our high-tech polymer materials are making a huge contribution to the energy and resource efficiency of transportation, buildings and domestic life. According to our mission "Hanjiang: Let technology create a healthy nature", our goal is to improve people's quality of life. For this work, we focus on our core competency of developing and successfully commercializing innovative products and solutions based on scientific knowledge.


Full focus on life science business


In the future, Hanjiang will fully focus on the life science business - medicine and health care and crop science, and realize the sustainable development of its business in the next five years. Hanjiang Material Technology will adjust its organizational and process structure and corporate culture according to its own industrial environment and business model, so as to become a leading polymer company.


leadership guidance

Government leaders' inspection of companies is an important link to ensure policy implementation and service improvement. During the inspection, the leaders gain an in-depth understanding of the company's operations, have direct contact with employees, and communicate with management. This initiative aims to drive the development and improvement of the company to better meet market demands and promote economic growth.

Leaders understand the company's operating conditions, product quality and market competitiveness through on-the-spot research. They have in-depth exchanges with the management and employees to understand the company's efforts and achievements in technological innovation, management optimization and employee development.

This helps to identify problems, solve difficult problems, and provide guidance and support for the development of the company.

Inspections also help to strengthen linkages and interactions between governments and businesses.

Leaders listen to businesses and understand their needs and challenges. This kind of communication and interaction promotes cooperation and consensus between the government and enterprises, and creates a good environment for formulating policies and providing support.

Team building

The company pays attention to team building and strengthens the connection and interaction among employees through regular team building activities. These team building activities aim to promote communication and cooperation among employees, and enhance team cohesion and collaboration.

The care and attention of the company's leaders to employees is reflected in various aspects. They regularly communicate face-to-face with employees, listen to their opinions and needs, and pay attention to their personal and professional development. The leadership team provides support and resources to help employees overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals.

In order to strengthen the spirit of teamwork and mutual assistance among employees, the company also encourages employees to participate in team building activities. These activities can include team training, collaborative projects, and team challenges. Through these activities, employees get to know each other better, build trust, and enhance team cohesion and effectiveness.

At the same time, the company also pays attention to providing a good working environment and benefits to meet the needs of employees and improve job satisfaction. They care about their employees' work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements and benefits. This kind of care makes employees feel valued and supported, and enhances their sense of belonging and loyalty.