Talent recruitment

Not only does education value ability, but also qualifications value contribution

Education and qualifications are important criteria for evaluating talents, but they are not the only ones. A slightly honest talent must possess both moral integrity and talent, and be employed according to their abilities; Let the capable go up, the average go down, and the mediocre go down. Advocate for the effective performance ability of "being competent in the position is the ability".

Recruitment positions

PhD in research and development

Three male doctoral students majoring in chemical engineering, polymer, and related fields

Recruitment Details

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for independent development and research of new products;

2. Responsible for improving and optimizing existing products and processes;

3. Responsible for the research project of the company's postdoctoral research workstation (jointly trained with Zhejiang University).

Job requirements

1. 25-35 years old, doctor degree, polymer materials, Polymer chemistry and physics, applied chemistry and other related majors;

2. Research direction: acrylate polymer lotion or super absorbent resin;

3. Strong problem-solving and breakthrough skills;

4.Excellent team spirit and communication skills.